Golden Radgona Sparkling Wine – Millesime

Golden Radonska Sparkling Wine – Millesime

The term Millésime is a French term meaning vintage, so it emphasizes that it is a vintage sparkling wine. At the same time, it is a term that is an important quality indicator for a particular vintage, which is further highlighted by its use. In Champagne, only the best champagnes (which is not the case every year) are labeled as Millésime.

In the Radgonske Gorice, it has traditionally been the case that vintages with a particular aging potential are archived. We have been filling our archives since 1977. In this process, sparkling wines are either archived on yeast or on cork.

In the past, these sparkling wines were rarely tasted. In 2007, we tasted all the archived sparkling wines on the initiative of the director together with the former oenologist, Lojze Filipič. At that time, some vintages were ripening in the cellars with 1000 or more bottles. During the tasting, the idea arose to put a sparkling wine on the market that would show exceptional properties in a particular year. Since our sparkling wines, produced according to the classical method, are all vintage sparkling wines and we have chosen a sparkling wine of outstanding quality, it was given the name Gold Radgonska Sparkling Wine Millésime.

The first Millésime sparkling wine was very dry (brut) and from the 1998 vintage and matured on yeast. Since then, the Gold Radgonska Sparkling Wine Millésime has been launched on the market every year by the oenologist’s selection.

The current Millésime sparkling wine is from the 2006 vintage.

VARIETY100% Chardonnay
TASTEvery dry