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The home of sparkling wine.

For more than 170 years, secrets and great knowledge have flowed through Radgonske gorice like the waves of the Mura river through Gornja Radgona.

How to skillfully pamper the vine so that it can flourish in all its nobility. How to spend time caressing the grapes. How to fall in love with wine, its nobility, and intoxication. How to give it sparkle, the source of countless bubbles that never run dry.

Wine holds many stories. The first was whispered to it by someone who gave it a place under the sun. As it grew, locals and travelers alike have confided in it, stopping at the vineyard to enjoy its beauty. Year after year, the storybook is filled by pickers. Winemakers, oenologists, and cellar masters tell their stories to the wine… and surely a word or two from the salesmen.

Wine holds beautiful stories. The stories of the people who live with it, nurture it, and cherish it. So, the next time you’re toasting at a happy occasion with loved ones, raise your glass and whisper to it your own.

Be part of this wonderful story.


Zlata radgonska penina

Produced using the traditional or classic method of bottle fermentation, the same as that used to make champagne. After the initial fermentation of the wine, it is bottled and yeasts are added to induce a secondary fermentation, which creates the bubbles that are essential for sparkling wine.

Zlata radgonska penina is aged on yeast for a minimum of 24 months, but you can also find Zlata radgonska penina from special vintages that have been aged on yeast for up to 10 years! At the same time, Zlata radgonska penina can be described as blanc de blancs, which means that it is made from pure Chardonnay.


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Tastings & Tours

We invite you to take some time to get to know the sparkling wines of Radgonske gorice better. We have prepared eight different tasting menus that will allow you to compare selected sparkling wines, and thus better understand the differences between them, and their distinguishing characteristics.


Weddings & Venue Hire

If the cellars of Radgonske gorice could speak, they would have many stories to tell. Since they can’t, we’ve given them a voice; and through it, you’ll be able to hear some of the most beautiful stories that have unfolded in our cellars since sparkling wine was first made in Radgona in 1852.