In the most north-eastern part of Slovenske gorice there is a hilly area between the Ščavnica river in the south, the Apache fields in the west and north-west, and the Mura river in the east and north-east. Radgonsko – Kapelske gorice lie here. The peaks and slopes are planted with vines, which for millennia have produced a noble drink that even the gods would not refuse.



We have been producing and storing wine in our unique cellars since 1852. The pride of the house is the first and most awarded Slovenian sparkling wine, winner of tens of championships and recipient of hundreds of medals from international evaluations, Golden Radgona sparkling wine.


The terrain is characterised by gentle slopes and slightly rounded hills and peaks; a slightly varied hilly landscape prevails The elongated ridges run north-south (Kapelske gorice) and east-west (Radgonske gorice). With their wide ridges, they extend from 250 to 320 metres above sea level. The vineyards are situated on slopes at an altitude of 220 to 240 metres above sea level.


The continental climate is influenced by the Pannonian Plain. This favourable climate provides excellent conditions for the growth of the vines.
It is characterised by hot summers and cold winters. The cool and dry climate of the Pannonian region meet between the hills and have a positive effect on the quality of the wines. Traminec is particularly grateful for these rich natural resources.
Sufficient sunshine, perfect temperatures, moderate rainfall and the right soil are natural conditions that are favourable for every vine. The winegrower and cellarman, with their hard work and love for the culture, guarantee the production of high quality wines in Gornja Radgona.


The vineyard soils of this area are very diverse. Two soil profiles have developed from Plio-Pleistocene clay: brown sandy clay and brown sandy gravel. The characteristic of these soils is that they are not difficult to deepen but they require regular fertilisation if we want to keep them in full fertility. With proper fertilisation and care, we can produce high-quality grapes here.



Nature has blessed the Radgona-Kapel wine-growing region with a multitude of peaks which give the region a special charm and diversity, and especially benefit the many vineyards here. They are a speciality of the culture and way of life in these places. The winegrowing tradition has grown in importance and reputation over the decades and gives a unique stamp to the way of life in Gornja Radgona.



We invite you to take some time to get to know the sparkling wines of Radgonske gorice better. We have prepared five different tasting menus that will allow you to compare selected sparkling wines and thus better understand the differences between them and their distinguishing characteristics. From serious, Golden sparkling wines to sweet bubbles, you have a unique opportunity to explore the world of Radgona’s sparkling wines and indulge your taste buds with a selection of the best. Cheers!


Cellar Tours

Some of the cellars you can see here are over 200 years old. They represent a part of our tradition and at the same time, we can be proud that these cellars represent something unusual in Slovenia… Just how unusual you will find out when you visit Dom penine.


Wedding under the waterfall

The breathtaking Pod slapom cellar is an unforgettable experience. The sound of the waterfall gently trickling down from the rocks of the castle hill creates a magical atmosphere, as many couples who have chosen the cellar under the waterfall for their civil ceremonies can attest.