špriCAR non-alcoholic

Non-alcoholic špriCAR

Until recently, those who did not want to drink alcohol for various reasons did not have much choice between beverages. They could mostly drink either juice or water. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. As a result of growing consumer awareness, more and more non-alcoholic drinks are now available, including non-alcoholic wines.

And that’s how our non-alcoholic SpriCAR was born! It is based on Janževec, from which the alcohol has been removed, but which has kept its characteristic taste of sunshine.  We added a touch of lemon to the non-alcoholic wine to enrich it and make it refreshing. Now all existing and new spritzer lovers can enjoy our new can with no hesitation!

Treat yourself to a refreshing spritzer without alcohol – for stress-free summer enjoyment!

CONTENTSMixed white wine – Janževec, mineral water and lemon syrup.
ALCOHOL LEVELup to 0,5 % vol.